Rules and Regulations Approved By the Board

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Dear Neighbors,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’m very proud to provide you with updated Rules and Regulations for the Shoreline Towers Condominium Association. While several changes have been made in the past years, it’s been a long time since a full review has occurred and I’m sure you’re pleased to see an update. In the next couple of weeks, you will also receive proposed changes to the Declarations, and it may be helpful now to briefly explain how everything works together.

State law—including the IL Condominium Act—and Local law forms the foundational guidelines for what can and cannot be done. Nothing the Association does can conflict with these laws.

The Condominium Declarations (“The Decs”) were established when the Association was created, and can only be changed to conform with the IL Condo Act or by a vote of the owners. The Decs address issues such as the Right of First Refusal (which impacts financing), how we replace officers, and other governing issues that are particular to our Association. These are official documents, and registered with the City of Chicago.

The Rules are a framework for day-to-day concerns affecting all residents, and apply to ordinary things such as whether bicycles can be brought in through the front door and how many washing machines a person can use at once. The Rules are updated periodically (usually by a committee), presented to owners for a 30 day comment period and then voted upon by the Board.

What’s important to understand is that The Rules must ‘fit within’ The Decs and The Decs must ‘fit within’ the IL Condo Act. No Board or ownership vote can take away basic owner rights or—conversely—give privileges or exceptions that aren’t legal.

So—today you are receiving the Rules and Regulations and no vote or action is required by you. If you would like to comment on them, we invite you to send your comments to or leave a letter for the Board at the front desk. There will be a Special Meeting of Unit Owners at 7:00pm on Thursday, January 3rd for the purpose of allowing homeowners the opportunity to comment on these revised Rules.

In a couple of weeks, you will get election forms to update The Decs. It is very important you vote and return these. 75% of all owners must vote to approve the changes. Failure to achieve this threshold in a timely manner may result in serious issues governing the building and additional costs.

Finally, there may be a change with which you don’t entirely agree. We ask you remember the Board’s obligation to all owners is to generally improve the financial well-being of the Association and quality-of-life or our residents. Particularly when making decisions about shared resources, compromises are necessary.

Thank you for continuing to support this Board and working to improve the Shoreline Towers community!

Chris Simpler
President, Board of Directors

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