Kritzer (HVAC) Cleaning and Insulating Project

The “Kritzers” are the fan coil units found inside all condominiums units through which heat and air conditioning are delivered to each condominium unit. The Association has hired Airways Systems, an HVAC vendor, to place new insulation over the existing, deteriorating insulation inside the Kritzer unit. The vendor will also be cleaning the coil inside the Kritzer unit and changing the filters. These two maintenance issues will help reduce the likelihood that clogged condensate drip pans overflow during the summer when the air conditioning is running while improving the overall efficiency of the entire HVAC system.

The project is scheduled to begin Monday, 10/28/13. The west tower of the building will be completed first, starting at the 25th floor and working down. The vendor anticipates completing 2 floors per week at the start of the project and with anticipated efficiency gained through repetition, expects to complete 3 floors per week within a few weeks of the start date.

Access into the units will be required. If you will not be available during working hours when your floor is scheduled, please provide the management office with a completed authorization sheet allowing entry into your unit. Authorization forms are found in the management office and at the front desk.

For those residents with a Kritzer unit in their closet, please make your best attempt to move items that block access to the Kritzer. This will help ensure that rescheduling entry into your unit will not be necessary and will allow the project to be completed as quickly as possible.

On each Friday after the start of the project, a memo will be posted and emailed that will list the completed floors so far. The units expected to be started the following week will also receive a door drop reminder prior.

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